Healthy Home Repainting and Repair

Products for paint removal and prep work, clean up, and repainting to treat and seal old lead paint and provide a healthier home environment.

Since CDC knows that the primary lead paint hazard in the home is microscopic dust created when old paint deteriorates or is disturbed, they key here is to Follow the 3 Cs:  Control, Contain, and Clean Lead Dust with LockUpLead™ Neutralizer.  Then use LockUpLead™ Bonding Primer as your first coat to treat and seal the lead on those bare wood and painted surfaces before finishing the job with a quality top coat of paint.

Use LockUpLead™ Neutralizer when scraping, or removing loose paint chips and dust before repainting, and to clean up the area of any dust following prep work.  Misting plastic drops to neutralize chips and dust after prep work is a great way to neutralize the toxic lead and also prevent it from becoming airborne when cleaning up and disposing of drops.  For larger jobs, use the 1-gallon or 5-gallon sizes of LockUpLead™ Neutralizer to refill 16 oz spray bottle, or use with a standard pump sprayer.  It is recommended to remove only the loose paint necessary to prepare a good surface for repainting in order to minimize the amount of lead dust created.

Use LockUpLead™ Bonding Primer to coat and seal any bare wood or surfaces with older paint after loose paint has been removed.  Over time, lead from old paint leaches into wood substrates and remains, even if all of the old paint is removed.  Usually, some well-adhered older paint remains after scraping, requiring attention to reduce lead hazards.  LockUpLead™ Bonding Primer is a top quality 100% acrylic latex bonding primer for interior and exterior surfaces that equals the performance of the best boding primers on the market, but with LockUpLead™ Technology baked into the formula to react with any surface lead that remains, and seal surfaces before applying your top coat.  LockUpLead™ Bonding Primer has excellent adhesion and color-blocking, and a smooth finish, so you don't have to compromise on looks to maintain a healthy home.  And it is VOC free, so no fumes to worry about while painting the nursery or child's room.  And painters love it because it applies easily and provides a quality base for a great looking paint job while reducing potential lead hazards and keeping your family safe and healthy!