Getting Started

Was your home built before lead paint was banned in 1978?  LockUpLead™ Technology is now available in a range of products for these common home needs to make it easy and affordable to maintain a safe and healthy home and protect your child's brain health:

  • regular home cleaning to eliminate lead dust
  • small home repair and maintenance projects that disturb old paint, creating dust and paint chips
  • larger home painting and renovation projects to control and suppress lead dust
  • repainting interior and exterior surfaces with older paint
  • improving safety of soil in yard, and child play areas as well as gardens



Instructions and usage guidelines for some common tasks


  • cleaning window sills: This is the most common area in the home for invisible lead dust that is unknowingly ingested by children through normal hand-to-mouth activity.  Simply wipe off interior window sills on a weekly basis with LockUpLead Neutralizer (or more often, as dust accumulates) to keep this #1 household toxin from getting into your child's body, where it will remain for many years. Primary prevention is easy, and the most effective way to keep your family safe.  Save money with multi-bottle orders, or 1-gallon refills for the 16 oz home cleaner spray bottles.  Check out all the options here.  If you still have questions, check out the short video showing how and where to clean lead dust from around windows as an easy and effective way to keep your home lead safe.
  •  small home repair and touch-up painting:  Being diligent about repainting older woodwork anytime a little ding or chip occurs is an easy, but important way to prevent those exposed lead paint areas from becoming a hazard to you and your kids.  For small areas, spray LockUpLead™ Neutralizer directly on the chipped surface to clean and prepare it for painting by removing loose paint.  Then simply prime the area with LockUpLead™ Bonding Primer. Find more tips and all the products you need here.  Or to see us in action, see the short "LockUpLead Sanding Process" video showing how to easily avoid creating a lead hazard when doing minor touch-up repairs.
  •  home renovation and repainting:  When dealing with lead paint, and ounce of prevention is worth a thousand pounds of cure.  Be sure to follow the safe lead practices recommended by EPA when doing any work yourself, or hire an EPA Certified Renovator who has taken an 8-hours course to learn how to control, contain, and clean lead dust to prevent creating hazards during ordinary home repair, renovation, and repainting. Taking some precautions to manage lead dust during this work can save many thousands of dollars to clean up the lead dust hazards created by unsafe practices. For more tips visit our Healthy Home Repainting and Repair page and find all these products here.
  • soil around home perimeter, play areas, gardensUntil now, there has been no easy or inexpensive way to deal with decades of lead paint chips and dust and lead air pollution that settled onto the surface of residential yards.  Particularly within several feet of your home or garage, soil lead levels tend to be highest in older properties built before leaded paint was banned from years of flaking paint, or just rain washing leaded paint gradually into the soil.  Now,  LockUpLead™ for Lawn and Garden brings the power of EPA-proven technology that reacts with toxic lead paint compounds on a molecular level to detoxify soil in place quickly, safely, and affordably.  Simply spray onto the soil surface with an ordinary pump sprayer, then water the area to wash this medicine for the soil into your yard.  LockUpLead™ for Lawn and Garden reacts on contact with toxic lead compounds to reduce the poisonous nature of the soil, and continues to work over time.  It is formulated with safe, food-grade calcium phosphate compounds that are environmentally safe, as well as totally non toxic to you, your pets, and your family.  This new, "ultra-green" product not only keeps harmful chemicals out of your home and yard, it actually neutralizes the #1 toxic chemical in most yards, lead from old paint.  Just 5 gallons treats 150 to 300 square feet, enough for a garden, play area, or perimeter of your home.  Try it today, and share with your neighbors this exciting next-generation solution to an old problem that exists in millions of homes built before 1978.  Click here for more product details.
Still have questions?  Follow the links in the bullet points above, use the navigation links at the top of the page to see the entire product catalog, or return to the main web site for more information, including videos, and how to get in touch by email or phone.  It is now easier than ever to make your home lead safe.  Get started today!