LockUpLead for Lawn and Garden

LockUpLead Soil Neutralizer in five gallon container.  Use to neutralize lead in soil around home dripline, gardens, or any other ground application.  *NOTE: Currently back ordered 5 business days


About LockUpLeadTM for Lawn and Garden:

LockUpLeadTM for Lawn and Garden uses patent pending technology to react with toxic lead compounds on a molecular level to form far more stable lead compounds that are far less toxic to humans.  In USEPA testing, LockUpLead for Lawn and Garden has been proven to reduce lead toxicity by 49% to 99.5% in a variety of soils with different sources of lead contamination, and outperformed every other technology tested.  LockUpLead for Lawn and Garden uses this powerful, yet safe, technology, formulated for use in soil, to provide a minimally invasive way to reduce toxic lead hazards.

Application rates of 30 - 60 square feet are typical in residential setting where the source of lead contamination is primarily old paint chips and dust and the total lead content is under 2000 parts per million to bring the toxicity-adjusted lead level to under 400 parts per million, the current USEPA standard.  More or less product may be needed, depending on specific site conditions, and no guarantee of specific reductions is guaranteed because of of varying site conditions.

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